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Author Topic: EPA has approved a Section 18 exemption for use of Apilife V  (Read 995 times)

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EPA has approved a Section 18 exemption for use of Apilife V
« on: August 30, 2005, 10:22:36 AM »
On 8/29/2005 at 3:09 PM Keith Tignor ktignor.PO.MAIL@vdacs.virginia.gov> wrote:
Earlier today I received notification that EPA has approved a Section 18
exemption for use of Apilife VAR in Virginia. This is good news for
beekeeper looking for alternative Varroa mite control in their hives. A
copy of the notification was sent to Brushy Mountain Bee Farm,
distributors of this product. They should shortly begin notifying
suppliers that Virginia beekeepers may purchase Apilife VAR.

Apilife VAR is a fumigant pesticide used for control of the Varroa mite on
honey bees. As with other pesticides, it is regulated by the EPA and
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Office of Pesticide
Services). There are specific instructions provided on the label for the
handling and storage of this product. Apilife VAR has lethal and sublethal
affects on mites. Although considered by many beekeepers as a "natural"
product, if misused or inappropriately handled, it is potentially
injurious to bees, beekeepers, and consumers. You should use caution hen
handling this or any pesticide product. You are legally required to follow
the instructions contained in the label and any additional requirements as
determined by the EPA. In addition to application and storage requirements
listed on the label, EPA has issued the following conditions and
restrictions in the application of Apilife VAR:

1. All applicable directions, restrictions, and precautions on the
proposed product label submitted by the state must be followed.

2. Do no use when surplus honey supers are in place.

3. Use when daily temperatures are between 59F and 69F. Do not use Apilife
VAR at temperatures above 90F.

4. Two treatments, consisting of 3 tablets, per year may be made.

5. Remove Apilife VAR tablets from hive at least 30 days prior to
harvesting the honey.

6. Do not use during honey flow.

7. Do not harvest honey from brood chamber or colony feed supers.

8. Thymol treatments to beehives can be made until December 1, 2005.

It will take a little time for Brushy Mtn. to notify companies selling
Apilife VAR about Virginia's status to use the product. You should wait at
least a few days to place any orders. Contact me if you have any problems
in obtaining this product under the Section 18 exemption.

Please, distribute this information to beekeepers in your area that may be
interested in purchasing Apilife VAR.

Keith Tignor
State Apiarist/Endangered Species Coordinator

VA Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Office of Plant and Pest Services
P.O. Box 1163
Richmond, VA 23218

  Phone: (804) 786-3515
  Fax number: (804) 371-7793
  Website: www.vdacs.virginia.gov
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