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« on: April 24, 2012, 04:07:59 AM »
this my 3rd swarm capture in 10 days. this one was on a small limb at eye level. i just snipped off the limb & dropped limb & all into my catch bucket. waited 15 minutes & grabbed the stragglers. this swarm was unusual in that had been there since saturday. it was fairly small ( football size ) & they were already making comb. i did not see her but i think i got the queen this time. because of the size i put them in a nuc. the last swarm was a large one but i think i missed the queen. i have not found her in the hive & after a week there is no brood. if this new swarm has a queen & since it's so small i'm thinking about putting a double screen on top of the large swarm's hive & putting this new swarm in a hive on top of it with a top entrance towards the rear. sound workable?
 my last name starts with a z so i've always been the last one called on for most everything. our bee association swarm list listed everyone in order of zip code & i ended up being 4th on the list!! my listing is very specific on the areas i'm willing to travel to & i've been told that that was a factor in the caller's decision on who to call. i've been called 5 times in 2 weeks. 2 people called back before i left to say the swarm had moved on already.