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Author Topic: Advice needed on new packages installed...below freezing temperatures coming  (Read 509 times)

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Ugh...I hope they will make it.  We put a blanket over each pallet of 4 colonies to keep the frost off the boxes...I immediately started them in a brood box, newspaper with sugar on it, and another brood box on that...the entrance holes are open...

Any suggestions?  I'm worried that theres to few of them in each colony to stay warm enough?

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they should be fine if you are feeding syrup with a bucket or jar feeder u might want to take them off for the night so it doesnt drip down on the bees.  Chris

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Ya, keep the feed to them and not on them and they will do fine.   If it gets real cold, they just  cluster up.   In the day, they will be normal and eat and make wax.