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Author Topic: Update on my newbie hives  (Read 754 times)

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Update on my newbie hives
« on: April 10, 2012, 09:20:45 AM »
Interesting how the two hives/species are different.  Temperature makes a difference, and time of day.  One is much more active early, the other is active much later.

Anyhow the queens got out of the cages, the hives are feeding syrup inside, open feeding on syrup outside, making comb, bringing in multicolored pollens, and trying to make honey out of the syrup.  I know that last bit as one of the hives keeps insisting on building burr comb in the feeder area, I had the feeders directly on top of the frames.  One of my mentors suggested I change that.  That was done, and when I check the syrup today, I don't expect to see any comb.  

But, as a newbie it was neat to take the piece of burr comb out, look at it, feel it's weight, note the syrup in some of the comb, and some had an orange color, not sure if that was pollen or not, but a different hue of orange has been being brought in.  

Anyhow, that tells me that particular hive is getting it on.  They also are the least aggressive of the two, tho yesterday they sure had reason to sting my butt and I didn't get stung.  I accidentally spilled a bunch of syrup on a cluster on the feeder as I was moving the feeder out and putting next to the entrance to the hive.  What a mess.  Poor bees got very wet, but most managed to crawl back in the hive and later I did see the poor things flying around with crystalized sugar on them.  (the top came off)

I do enjoy watching them and noting the differences in how they behave.   Yesterday afternoon the big leaf maples started to flower, this should give them a good boost along with, at least my filbert flowering.  Apple tree across the way just starting, dandilions, etc., so they have forage when it is dry and warm enough.  

I was impressed with how much comb can be built in 24 hours, a piece about the size of my hand.  Well anyhow, from what I have researched, it sounds like I got a nice pair of packages, let's hope my queens produce as gentle as these are.  At least I have a guideline to start from
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Re: Update on my newbie hives
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2012, 09:24:45 AM »
Sounds like things are moving along for you and your bees.  Sounds like you're hooked.  Enjoy it.   :)