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Author Topic: Selling honey at Grocery Store Parking Lot?  (Read 465 times)

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Selling honey at Grocery Store Parking Lot?
« on: March 19, 2012, 02:37:08 AM »
Wondering if I can get any advice from folks who have sold honey at farmers markets or at Grocery Store markets.

There is a grocery store near my home in a country residential area consisting of average and well to do folk.  I have seen that the store has allowed folks to sell veggies and flowers and stuff in the parking lot so Im sure I will be able to set up a honey stand.  I want to run the outfit out of the back of my trail blazer.  I work afternoons and could set up shop a couple days a week for a few hours and on weekends sometimes.  I figure I will just pull a tarp from hatch back to make some easy shade and set up a small folding table and pop up a couple signs or something and have a display of honey on table.

What has worked well for you?  What sells best, glass or plastic containers?  How do you attract customers?  What are realistic sales in quantity?

I would be happy to sell $50 dollars worth of honey in three hours, three days a week and $100 in four or five hours on a Saturday or Sunday.  Better would be better of course but I dont mind spending some time in a chair reading bee books or my ereader for a couple hours before work if all my choirs are done for some extra cash in the ol pocket!

I have heard a ob hive does wonders but that would only work on weekends and I dont know how receptive the grocery manager would be to that.  I would wait till I have been there a while and then just do it and play dumb if they got upset, lol!
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