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Author Topic: New book: Bee Equipment Essentials  (Read 1561 times)

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New book: Bee Equipment Essentials
« on: February 14, 2012, 11:46:55 PM »
I recently purchased this book for $20 from Dr. Connor at wicwas.com.

Bottom line is that I like it.  I finished my first project which was a heavy duty grafting frame...the truth is that since it's easier to make many, I actually ended up making 11 of them...what I'm going to do with 11, I'm not sure, but hey, I have them and they are ready to go!  What was really cool about this project was that I spent exactly $0.00 out of pocket.  All 11 grafting frames were made from scrap lumber laying in/on my lumber cart.

The book itself has basic how-to/DIY instructions on just about everything one would consider to be basic beekeeping items, plus there are some interesting specialty projects mixed in as well.  Snelgrove board, solar wax melter, swarm catcher are some of the more esoteric items...heck there's even a design for an extractor.  I like my personal design for the extractor better, but it's still pretty good.  The writer assumes you are running 10 frame Langstroth boxes, but if you're doing something else (8 frame or your own design) the book is still quite helpful, just change the dimensions and everything else is the same.

There are some solid building hints, which are especially valuable to the inexperienced person (like me).  Along these lines, a full section is included on building jigs so that each box, nuc or whatever you work on are built the same way and match properly down to the exact drill pattern.  The author also has a handhold jig design so that you can cut very professional looking handholds into your boxes.  Pretty cool stuff.

If you enjoy building stuff yourself, I would recommend it.  If you have any questions regarding the book, please ask.


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Re: New book: Bee Equipment Essentials
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2012, 12:03:21 AM »
Thanks John. I'm looking at getting into beekeeping and will be sure to check out this resource :D