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Author Topic: Winter deadout poll 2011/2012  (Read 464 times)

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Winter deadout poll 2011/2012
« on: February 11, 2012, 01:33:02 PM »
Anybody who wants to participate in my winter deadout survey please copy and paste the survey below into an email back to me. I plan to put the data into excel and publish the results on a website later this spring so that the data is easily accessible.

2011/2012 winter Deadout Poll.
Instructions: Please answer questions as accurately as possible. Only mark Addendum if you previously submitted the poll and need to make changes. Only mark the changes that need to be made, leave all other areas blank.
 Use the Nuc categories for all purchased Nucs and the Splits category for all Nucs you produced yourself by splitting your own hives. Leave any areas that are not applicable to you blank or mark N/A. Please mark the month that you started each Colony, if started in multiple months please list in the comments section at the bottom.  Email to cantcutter@gmail.com
Addendum ____
1.   Total number of hives going into this winter? ____
2.   Number over wintered last season? _____ Deadouts last season? ____

3.   Number started in 2011? ____

4.   Started from packages? ____.  Deadout this season? ____ Month? ____

5.    Locally Purchased NUC? ____. Deadout this season? ____ Month? ___

6.    Supplier Purchased NUC? ____. Deadout this season? ____ Month? ____

7.    Captured swarm? ____. Deadout this season? ____ Month? _____

8.    Personal Split? ____ Deadout this season? _____. Month? ______

9.   Number of years’ Experience in Beekeeping? ____
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