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Author Topic: Any new news of the Parasitic fly larva since the initial discovery?  (Read 1041 times)

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I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything new since the discovery of the Parasitic fly larva?

I'm from Redwood City, CA  (which is about 20 miles south of SanFrancisco) and of course we have a few fears here.
I have collected dead samples and 'live stumbling' samples of bees since the discovery, and to my delight I seem to be Parasitic fly free.
So, I had a bit of a theory of why I don't have any flys:
I just happen to be part of the lucky 23 percent of hive owners in the SF Bay Area who didn't get flys,
or is it because I always seem to have 3 to 5 wasps constantly combing the ground near my hive for dead bees to eat?

Is the hungry Wasp the answer to this problem?