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Author Topic: Equipment for bees?  (Read 1769 times)

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Equipment for bees?
« on: July 16, 2014, 02:28:28 PM »
Hello all, I have a couple of Brood Boxes and some Honey Supers that are just taking up space at the moment, The Brood Frames from the large box have been scraped clean, and so have the frames in the medium boxes. The lower box wasn't coated with anything when I first purchased it, so it has some staining and scarring from being exposed to winter and the other elements. Bottom Board has no screen, when I was a novice I didn't think screened bottom boards were good for my climate (It's kinda cold here) so I skipped out on them until last year. Wooden Inner Cover and Wooden Outer Cover with steel on the top, made by Mann Lake ltd. Eight frame equipment, four medium supers and one deep super, Inner and Outer Cover, Bottom Board (and Queen Excluder if you want it). I am hoping to get all of these things out of my garage, and maybe trade them for some bees? I would like a five-frame nuc with at least four frames of bees, deeps, must have a Queen, and I would like to inspect it fully before I let someone take my boxes. I am in Western NY, about an hour from Buffalo, my email is beeman802@gmail.com, please email me if you are interested in this deal. Happy Beekeeping, Cole.
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My Mentors exact words after he inspected my first hive: "When I was growing up, boy stop picking that stinger and listen, I was always told that bees do everything for a reason, so these bees sting you quite a bit, why do you think that is? No, don't bother answering, you'll get it wrong, it's because they hate ya! Boy I'll tell ya, I have never seen such hateful batch of bees, usually they love me, some say it's because I'm such a sweet old man. But these girls, oh mama, they are the nastiest bunch of stinging insects I have ever had the displeasure of acquainting myself with, you aught to take a blowtorch to 'em, that's the only thing that'll keep 'em from being so mean, they can't be mean when they're dead!" We inspected the hive, he's used to doing everything without a veil, and he was somewhat shocked when he got stung on his right cheek. That was the funniest face I have ever seen a man make, though the cussing that followed was pretty funny too. ;)