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Feed Bee
« on: May 23, 2015, 07:59:13 PM »

Has anyone on here tried the feed bee pollen substitute at all. My brother is a bee keeper also and bought 2 bags of it so I grabbed 5kg to give it a go.

I made up the patties as per directions on the back of the bag and the bees seem very disinterested in it. I put patties in 1 week ago and they have hardly been touched. I also tried it in frame feeders as a liquid to no avail either. This contradicts everything I read and have been told. I would have assumed that after a week it would nearly be gone.

Im considering feeding it dry as it cost $12.50 a kg and don't want to waste it, but for me I think ill be ringing Terry brown and getting irradiated pollen.

Im not knocking this product at all and it may work well for others but id be interested in hearing if anyone else has had a not so great result from it.