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Author Topic: I heard of an oil/essence that bees hate and makes the move on! what is it?  (Read 3180 times)

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Hey everybody,

I was wondering if you could help me out - I remember hearing somewhere about a natural scent/essence that bees absolutely detest and causes them to take flight leaving whatever location they've set up a hive in... does anybody know what it is? I know it's not as good as some of the chemicals you can buy in the USA but i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about it...



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Bee Quick is the nice smelling one that is supposed to be nothing but essential oils.  It smells like Benzaldahyde, which is the chemical used to make artificial almond flavoring and used to flavor Maraschino cherries.  I have heard reports that Benaldahyde works in a similar fashion to Bee Quick, but have never tried it myself.

Butyric acid is often used to drive bees out of supers.  It smells like the "essence of vomit".  The bees seem to hate it almost as much as I do... it is sold under the brand names "Bee Go" and "Honey Robber".  Honey Robber smells like cherry flavored vomit...

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  It smells like the "essence of vomit". 

Can I get that in a candle or maybe in an aerosol? Lol

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Something like that might be useful for driving a new colony out of someones wall , instead of sending them to the pest control guys.