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Author Topic: October is Ventrilo Voice Chat month - a great time to meet your fellow members  (Read 490 times)

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Hello all members. We went through  a week where I mass mailed an email to all members and we gained 82 new members in our Beemaster Facebook Page. That was nearly a 25% increase in ONE DAY.

Due to life's pressing matters, our Ventrilo usage has slacked off greatly and I'm hoping that we can take advantage THIS MONTH and ask all members to return to or checkout the wonderful time we have all had actually talking with each other.

A little details on what you can and cannot do with Ventrilo and why we have it.

For 5 years we have had Ventrilo voice chat which supports voice and text, as well as just listeners - up to 30 people can be in the chatroom at one time. Voice includes the need for a mic and/or speakers and text is simple use of the keyboard.

Setting up is quite easy and someone can always help tweak individual computer settings, but rarely does it ever tke more than a few minutes to get everything working.

____________   THE PAST ___________

Members of the forum have always enjoyed talking in Ventrilo, much of it is about Beekeeping and often this is a wonderful tool for the new hobbyist to ask and learn from several professional commercial beekeepers and learned hobbyists alike.

The  number of voice chatters often spun off into other rooms (note we can create many topic rooms so that you can go to where you better enjoy being at any time) and we've had rooms where half a dozen or more members of all ages go to play live internet games from Racing Nascars, Playing online (free) poker at all the big named poker sites. We have fought 3D war games, board games, fought and played in teams and individuals - the gamers literally would enjoy playing rounds of golf using Tiger Woods Golf for hours a night. It was GREAT family fun which was challenging and enjoyed GREATLY by all who played.

Ventrilo is a voice chat room - what you make it is up to you. It is a program that member contributions pay for annually, along with domain name registration, backup data forums for our forum content, separate servers for the live forum that we all interact with. Forum contributions pay for everything that you experience or can experience in Beemaster Forums.

_________ this post __________

I'm hoping that from NOW to Halloween to rebuild a group of people who will use Ventrilo and experience the incredible fun that voice chatting can be.

I know that this can also be accomplished through Skype to a degree, although Skye is a full-duplex talking program, that could cause members frequently talking over each other. Also, many members enjoy the ability to hold down a mic key as in Ventrilo, so that you are not live all the time.

So I'm hoping that from now to the end of the month that everyone interested will click on this link


and set up their computers to chat or just listen to other members on Ventrilo. You do have the ability to type and listen, many people enjoy that version of using Ventrilo and that is fine.

I hope to see many of you over the next few weeks. There is something about it getting dark out early that makes voice chatting and Halloween fit so well together.
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