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Author Topic: Keeping bees inspired me to re-start my hibernating blog, playapixie.org  (Read 99 times)

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My blog has been online since 2002, but fell asleep around the time that Facebook took over the world of social media, and fell offline completely a year ago due to technical dificulties.

Just got it back online with a fresh start with a beekeeping category and a couple of posts.  Hoping to tell more beekeeping stories as our journey progresses!

Learning so much in a short period of time!  Very grateful to the fine follks here, and most especially to Michael Bush for making so much excellent information available online and for being so active here.

"Let the beauty we love be what we do."  ~Rumi

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Good for you on resurrecting your block. So much just seems to disappear on facebook with no continuation whatsoever.And with facebook being a free service,they could pull the plug tomorrow and any and all content could just vanish. It's a sad thing too,since so may people have one of a kind photos posted their to save them and no copies anywhere else.
 I only wish I would have had the patience to keep a blog. I'm not sure if you ever saw it but member Tillie kept a very nice blog over the years.

 Good luck with your blog,I wish I was so inspired.