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Author Topic: Pollen traps pollen identification squirrels  (Read 427 times)

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Pollen traps pollen identification squirrels
« on: July 15, 2011, 10:19:58 AM »

What do you all do about squirrels getting into your pollen traps?  I guess we may have to switch to bottom board traps but if you have any suggestions for squirrel problems with entrance traps it would be nice.

We've got quite a few black pellets coming in with pollen collected early summer at the same time as the birches bloom.  The hives are in a lowbush blueberry field, sandy soils, surrounded by boreal forest but the bees have access to a bog also.  The pollen is small, about the size of willow pollen, looks like tiny lemons under the scope but on some of the grains you can see a third pore. Our scope is not too hot so that's about all I can give for information.  Anyone know what type of pollen this might be?