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« on: July 10, 2011, 09:30:09 PM »
This TNT series is in it's 4th season and totally missed my radar. To sum it up to the smallest terms, it is a modern day Mission Impossible, without the extreme consequences of the original.

To those of you who watch this, you are shaking your head saying "What he bleep is he talking about" but here is what I see: a team of people, using intricate plots to obtain a seemingly impossible goal.

Leverage uses the real world technology that we have today that Mission Impossible only dreamed of. Swindling, grifting,  conning and anything it takes to make what needs to get done, get done.

It is light hearted, think of the A-Team to us older folks, where no one is killed, but lots of interesting twists that make you feel like you are behind the curtain at a magic show. I remember Banacek being one of those kinda shows, you are teased and treated to the illusion, Leverage doesn't disappoint.

Enough searching and you should find all 3 past seasons and up to now on the net.
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