Does Honey get old

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First time to post here so please work with me if I have posted in the wrong place. I bought a big lot of used bee hives supers ect. Along with all that I got was 3 1/2 supers of capped honey I don't know how long the person had this setting around. It was in his basement He didn't know how long it had been setting. I was wandering if it would be ok to feed this to my bees or to use. I tasted alittle an it tasted ok.  Thank You

I've heard of honey in egyptian pyramids still being good after thousands of years.   :shock:  You are in good shape. :D

Horns Pure Honey:
should be fine to use. :D

The only concern would be if there has been any chemical contamination.

they used honey to put alexandre's the great body in so it won't go bad or decompose while they transport him from the country he died in back to his country were he was from :)

use that honey, dont think of throwing it away, or giving it to someone ( except me if u dont want it :) ) lol


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