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Author Topic: And the beat goes on... and on, and on, and on....!  (Read 587 times)

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And the beat goes on... and on, and on, and on....!
« on: July 01, 2011, 04:29:11 PM »

Vilnius Lithuania--  "U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday that the rule of law, political parties and democratic institutions must emerge in the Arab world if it is to emulate Eastern Europe's remarkable transition two decades ago from authoritarianism to truly free societies. 

In Lithuania for an international democracy conference, Clinton cited the real risk of Middle Eastern and North African nations slipping back into autocratic old ways. And she lamented the latest accounts of violence in Syria, with security forces and knife-wielding, government-organized thugs reportedly attacking protesters in the city of Aleppo."

I beg to ask why a group of “KNIFE-WIELDING” supposedly government-organized thugs would attack “peaceful, civil, pro-democracy, protestors” in such an up close and personal way?  This reaction is way way to visceral to be wholly organized by a mere government agency.  The only logical reason is because the knife toting thugs are frightened of what the protesters may have in store for, or bring down upon the heads of the “government-organized” thugs if or when the protesters win the day.  If you want a parallel in recent American history you would need to look at the attacks on the Freedom Riders during the Civil Right movement.  The main difference is that the “knife wielding” Syrian thugs are not a racial majority but a religious minority in control of the reigns of power and separate from the “pro-democracy” protesters who are (largely) from the majority ethnic (religious sect) population in Syria.  In the Middle East freedom and democracy mocks the Golden Rule, meaning many want the freedom to do unto others what others have done unto them. 

H. R. Clinton with her 1960s Mid-West Methodist morality is in over her head in Syria, Tunisia, and yes even Egypt.  I feel that fostering a democratic republican form of government on the Arab world is the moral equivalence of 18 and 19 Century Christian missionaries forcing pants, muumuus, and European morality on the native peoples of North America, Africa and the South Pacific.  Don’t expect it to end pretty, it wont.