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answer to beth
« on: June 28, 2005, 11:18:39 PM »
well beth that sure sounds like a good way to grow stuff. I have gardened vegetables since about 1964 or so. I also worked in K-Maart garden center and then Builders Square garden center. I have gone throught the Texas Master gardeners course and Have sold in the farmers market on and off for years according to my health and My need for Money.lol. Now2 I am trying to break into real farming but The satisfaction large or small is always the same. I gardened in England, New Jersey and here in midland Texas. I worked in My fathers garden when I was a boy but I called it slavery then.lol Anyway midland is a desert. and it has some impediments to growing a garden that make it a dodgy propisition. One year I planted thousands of 1015y onions back when they were very popular and brought a good price. Well that year we had a hail storm in June just as the tomatoes were setting fruit, and wiped out the whole gardenIt took me a few years to start again after that. I have thought about hydroponics and I have some ideas but I already have too many irons in the fire right now. but I love your pictures and  I like the way you did those troughs with black plastic I might use some of the technology to grow vegetable plants. I would like to make some solutions with composted chicken manure and fish emulsion. that I am now using as a foliar spray. it is potent. I will tell you about what it did to me last year when I sprayed some tomatoes with it . They started growing like a rain forest but stopped setting fruit. Too much nitrogen I think any way I will stop now you have gotten me on ny favorite subject besides bees lol

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answer to beth
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2005, 09:14:35 AM »
LOL You can gab all you want about the gardening. :) Really the garden "expert" in the family is my husband, but he's not into writing on the forum. So basiclly I do my best to share what we're doing. I think what my husband has done with the hydroponics is fantastic. He's done it pretty cheaply, and proved to me that anyone can grow great veggies on very little money and especially if a person is limited on space or abilities. Like people that rent and can't go digging up the yard, or maybe elderly people that just can't bend like they used to.
Animals are more my thing. But between my husband and I we can manage a pretty nice little "farm". I doubt we'll ever go big time with any of it though. It's just nice to grow plenty for us, and extra for friends or church families.