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Author Topic: FOR YOU AMAZON "PRIME" MEMBERS - Free movies and TV now  (Read 557 times)

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FOR YOU AMAZON "PRIME" MEMBERS - Free movies and TV now
« on: May 20, 2011, 11:52:04 PM »
I became a Prime Member ($70 a year at Amazon to have anything shipped to your door in 2 days from Amazon) I buy a lot of stuff from them and it pays for itself if you want it ASAP. Side note to the 2 day "free ordering" Amazon does ship stuff very successfully in their two day window, but DO NOT bundle stuff when ordering or there will be a surcharge. If you order 5 things at once, make sure it is 5 individual purchases, not one purchase of 5 things - this is a small print thing that will nail you with shipping charges. But I know for a fact that I have already gotten my $70 worth for the Prime Account - so anything now on is free (literally) delivery for me. Just remember that buy things on single orders, don't bulk package stuff - you might have heard that here first!

They have added their online movie and tv "rental" much like Net-Flix as a free bonus to Prime Members now, a collection of over 5000 movies and TV series - rentals are typically 3 days and range from $2 to $6 on Amazon's site.

The cool part, my TV is Internet compatible, with "widget" applets and I easily added Amazon's widget, so I have the choice to surf the available shows without even having the computer on (although I find surfing thru the PC for movies easier) but either way, I have a PRIME MEMBER FREE button on every movie in their collection. A feature that (compared to Net-Flix) well exceeds the $70 to be a prime member and get the 2 day shipping and now the movies. GREAT DEAL I think.

Don't know how many of you are Prime Members, but this is a benefit that I wouldn't pass up - most of the movies are in HD, it will auto adjust the quality according to your data stream, but no problems here seeing all HD in HD.

It's not like I don't have an endless stream of movies, that is our main hobby I guess, but using their online movie service, trailers are easier to watch, less clicking around to find them and never any buffering issues.

Just a cool feature I thought some of you might like to know about. And "yes" I know JUST like Net-Flix and Blockbuster, you're not getting the stuff right out of the theater, but it's competitive with the other services and a nice feature added to something I already paid for.
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