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Author Topic: Do bees become aggressive when rearing a new queen after a swarm leaves?  (Read 731 times)

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Hi all,
I need help here.  I've got several hives on a friend's farm and got a call today saying that my bees are bullying the farm workers--4 stings now and they can't work the field near the hives.  I've never had a problem with these hives before.  Three days ago one of the hives swarmed.  I caught the swarm and rehived them in the same beeyard. 
I'm wondering if it's typical for the bees who stay behind and raise their new queen to become agressive until the new queen is properly established and laying in the hive?  Do they become especially defensive during this short period?

I thought I'd close the hive off tomorrow and see if the trouble stops.  If so I'll need to move the hive away until it's settled.  Would two weeks be enough?

Any other thoughts?
Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

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queenless hives can often get quite testy till they make a new queen.
i try to leave them alone when i know their raising a queen because ot this.

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Those are not reason of aggressiveness. Hives have variations in their mind but basic reason is that hive is too aggressive. But hives are more and less different in this meaning.
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Are you sure the hot hive is the one that the swarm came from?  Could be from another hive that became queenless.