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Author Topic: Where to stand when opening the hive...and a bunch more questions....  (Read 1248 times)

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Should I stand in the back of the TBH when opening and working within? I have a typical backyard beekeeper tbh.  front has 3 holes.

I am in awe of those who don't have on gloves and don't wear gear when working within a hive.... is it because their bees are so used to them?  Or is it calmness?  I try to move smoothly... I'm just not smooth when I'm dressed up and have bunch of bees flying around me.

Read that too much ventilation is bad.  temps in my area range from mid 40s to 70s.  I have a bottom board which can be dropped down 3 inches.  under is a wire mesh.  Is this too much ventilation?  When should I move it down? 

when to stop feeding them sugar water?  Capped brood?  Capped honey.  Honestly have to research and figure out how to tell the difference. 

So many questions... so little time  :-D

ps.  read a while back that bees and chickens don't do well together - fallacy - mine coexist very well and basically leave each other alone.  Wonder where that came from. 



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If you have options, it's always best to be behind the hive.  Second choice is at right angles to the entrance.  Last choice is in front.  My hives are on stands with them back to back, so in front is the only place I have to stand.  I work them all from the front.

Reasons to be behind are that the guard bees are not guarding the back they at the entrance, and the flight path of all the returning bees is blocked by you if you're standing in front.

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I agree, I wouldn't think you would want to be on the side of the openings so you won't disturb their flight path.  (Although I'm no expert, I just installed my first package last night!)  My Kenyan style top bar hive also has an observation window so I can check progress without disturbing, so I plan to stand on the side with the window to observe, then open the top if necessary.

I am using gloves until I feel more comfortable, I was told to wear light colored clothing as well.  I didn't wear my veil during installation yesterday and bees kept flying into my hair, so I'm going to try a white bandana with my hair up, the veil looks to impeding.

Good Luck!  I will be checking back, as I have many of the same questions you do!

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Heatherbee... you are brave to not wear a veil... I wear a jacket, veil and light colored pants... and gloves.  I look like an astronaut  :lol: 

I have gone to a bee class, but of course not everything is discussed and less is retained.  I do have some great slides from the class and they are invaluable. 

I am reluctant to go into the hive frequently, but have been informed that it is good to check about every 10 days or so... so that is what I will do.  I'll keep a progress log as well. 

Where are you located?