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Author Topic: For those in the PNW. Are my bee's on track or doing above average?  (Read 546 times)

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So my two 3# packages were Hived on April 7Th. I have fed them 1:1 sugar syrup from day one. As of today, twenty seven since that day (23 have been rainy), they both already have 7 frames drawn out. Five of those are drawn completely. I decided to place my second brood boxes on today, we have (fingers crossed) good weather for a while here so I didn't want to leave them without more space to expand. Almost 2 full frames were brood that have already hatched and the queen has laid again in those cells already. I am just blown away that they have been so productive. Every cell has been occupied by something. It is just amazing.  :shock:

P.S. Both hives are almost Identical so far in build-up.

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You are doing as well as can be expected.  Keep feeding til they quit taking it and all your comb in the brood chambers are full of bees or syrup.  Think of moving a frame of foundation smack to the middle of the cluster to get it drawn out and give your queen more incentive to lay.  Repeat as neccessary.  If you are going to run two brrod chambers get them built up.  When the honey flow starts, they will quit taking welfare. 

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Make sure you move 2 frames of brood up to the 2nd box, this will force the bees up there and help make them draw out those frames.  I didn't do that my first year and they wouldn't work in the 2nd box and then swarmed!!!

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My buddy and I each have two four pound packages.  Three we are having about the same results as you mention, but one went queenless for some reason.  I did a paper combine with one of the other packages and we'll see how that goes. 

They are going through about a quart of 1:1 every two days.  How much are yours consuming?