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Author Topic: putting tea leaves near heather (for honeybeesto "acidify" my heavy clay soil...  (Read 2605 times)

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Hi, everyone. Sorry about the intrusion, but am hoping I'll hit lucky! Tho' I'm an American, my favorite forums are in England anyway-the Peter Beales rose forum and the Agility Addicts forum in the U.K. (I compete my border collie in agility). But I am a rose gardener trying to grow about 3 heath/heather plants amid my roses for the bees. Roses are the complete opposite of heath/heather in that they are heavy feeders and require tons of fertilizer. But I handwater my roses right at the base but there is still the issue of some of that organic sea tea leaking out to the heather. I take it that heather is the most sensitive compared to heath in not wanting to be fertilized? How much sand do I need to add to my soil? I am thinking about having an 65-35% mix between the heavy clay and the sand? I would like to also add tea leaves to help acidify the soil. Coffee grinds are also quite acidic, but then they may be "too nutritious" whereas tea leaves are more spare? What are everyone's thoughts/ideas. I am all-organics by the way. Thanks All!

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I know the roses seem to like coffee grounds.  I know very little about heath or heather.
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