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Author Topic: Swarm Trap Size  (Read 8750 times)

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Re: Swarm Trap Size
« Reply #20 on: April 30, 2011, 11:53:44 PM »
An odd formula - big swarms and small bait hives!

When i started beekeeping with byed swarms, I joined them. 4 kg was the optimum size to begin. It occupied 2 langstroth boxes. It needed often 3 swarms together.

Modern bee stocks have often 3-5 kg swarms. What you do then when you get only tiny swarms?

If swarm feels the hive too tight, it continues its way next day..
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Re: Swarm Trap Size
« Reply #21 on: May 01, 2011, 01:28:38 PM »
WisNewBee, You can use tossed out light weight Jenny Craig coolers. I have been having luck catching 2-3 pound swarms in them as they're bout the size of a deep nuc. I converted them to top bars w/ waxed comb guides as it adds the bees wax smell they love & usually helps make accessible straight comb(so far so good). I hang them up in trees when time or just leave on flat roofs w/ bricks on top.

April Scouts Choose Hive for Swarming Colony

I usually cut em out into 10 frame medium or deep after a month but waited longer on this one pictures below:

Jenny Craig Swarm Lure Cut Out Transfer

Good luck on your swarm catches & if time Thomas Seeley has some info bout the subject of swarm lures in his book at libraries "Honeybee Democracy" Here is a link to some of his video's on NPR Science Fridays:

Bee Swarm Videos on Science Fridays Feat. Thomas Seeley
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