How to get the bees to draw comb faster?

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How to get the bees to draw comb faster?

I was wondering how to get my bees to draw comb faster.
I had sugar syrup on the hive in a 2-1 water sugar ratio but they stopped taking it, it hasn’t spoiled the other hives in the vicinity have been slow to take the syrup also.

I think they are slowing down on the building of the comb, but this could also be an optical illusion since the comb is getting bigger, I am using foundationless frames, since the comb is getting bigger I think it might not be as noticeable that it is getting bigger.

So I have read all the different things people put in the sugar water,
What are some of the things people have done to spur the bees to draw more comb?

Thank you.


I put a little wintergreen oil in my syrup.
The bee's seem to love it.
Some say it helps with both tracheal and varroa mites
And it makes their breath minty fresh  :)


Most important to small nuc is that combs are full of brood. If you press comb building with syrup feeding, colony rise will be slower.

Most important thing is colony size, how much they can keep warm enough. Second is number of  feeder bees.

Now is best summer. I do not see need of feeding after 2 weeks. They get food outside. If small nuc have lack of food, I pour syrup to combs.

If they get too much honey, it will stop brood area and nuc swarms.

Michael Bush:
I always figure the bees will draw comb when they need it.  Why do I want to try to cause it?

I removed the feeders with the syrup at least a week ago because I noticed they were filling the cells with it and I figured they would not have room for brood. I looked in the hive last weekend and they had capped some of it but it had not expanded.
I took the syrup off because I felt there might be a swarm issue.
As to the drawing of the comb, here in san francisco the weather is different than other parts of the country. Or different parts of the city.
Where I have the hive I know still gets cool at night.

Right now at 9 am it is 62 degrees where I am at and 55 degrees where the hive is. We do not get warm until later in the year.

I am just impatient and I would like to see them build more comb so the queen has more space to lay in so the colony will grow.

Time to get a second and third colony I think.


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