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Author Topic: 2nd Year Newb Questions  (Read 2310 times)

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Re: 2nd Year Newb Questions
« Reply #20 on: April 23, 2011, 02:23:21 PM »
I'm thinking the question is more on the line of, if I have too much brood in a hive for the number of nurse bees in it will normal temps if high enough keep the brood warm without enough nurse bees? Ex: In a split

Say here in the south temps in the 80's and  90's. My gut says yes as in making up a split or mating nuc etc, with extra brood.

The range for normal brood development is 33-36 deg C which is 91.4 to 96.8 F.  So as long as outdoor temps are in that range,  the brood should be ok.  But there is no place in the US where night time temperatures stay above 91.4 degrees F.  Even a few hours outside the correct range would be very bad for brood development.

I realize that brood has to be maintain @ the temps mentioned above.

I guess the question I need to ask is:
In anyones experience have they found that a larger amount of brood can be maintained in a split etc. in a warmer climate without enough nurse bees to cover all the brood, due to the fact it takes less bees to maintain the hive temps @ a warmer outside temp?

Just curious?

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