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Author Topic: Political inquiry into Asian Bee invasion into Australia  (Read 1290 times)

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Political inquiry into Asian Bee invasion into Australia
« on: March 25, 2011, 11:30:59 PM »
From Jodie of Beechworth Honey, Victoria, Australia

Good morning everyone,


By now you will be aware that the first formal evidence was heard for the inquiry yesterday afternoon. From the evidence provided by Dr Denis Anderson, Trevor Weatherhead, Dr Max Whitten & Lindsay Bourke it is now clear to the Government and the MP’s behind getting a better outcome for us that the Science that has been used to date to form the opinion to declare the bee endemic leaves a lot to be desired. We expect new witnesses to be called to give more information next week and are just waiting for the program to be organized.


I have ordered DVD copies of the hearing yesterday which we can distribute to those who didn’t get to see the information. Hopefully they will arrive to me on Monday.


In reading through the details on the Inquiry yesterday I have discovered that ANYONE & EVERYONE CAN MAKE SUBMISSIONS TO THE INQUIRY. This gives our industry and the industries who rely on us for pollination very good opportunities to submit details that will help with the outcomes of the inquiry.


The inquiry is looking into 4 things:


(a) the science underpinning the technical assumption that Apis cerana , the Asian honey bee, cannot be eradicated in Australia;

(b) the science underpinning the assumption that the Asian honey bee will not spread throughout Australia;

(c) the science relating to the impacts of the spread of the Asian honey bee on biodiversity, pollination and the European honey bee; and

(d) the cost benefit of eradication of the Asian honey bee.



I would suggest that our written submissions focus on the last two points of the inquiry. The first two are really best handled by the Scientists but if you feel you can add something then please do so but it will need to be qualified by your experience as a beekeeper.




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Re: Political inquiry into Asian Bee invasion into Australia
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2011, 11:34:11 PM »
Another bit of information from Jodie Goldworthy of Beechworth Honey:

So come on, ditch your weekend plans and get writing!!!! If you’re wondering what you can contribute think about commenting on the following or including things such as:


Who you are

Where you operate

What investment you have in your business

What economic contribution your business makes to your local economy

Which crops you pollinate and what the impact to those farmers will be if your hives are not available

How many people you and your farmers employ

How many people locally you buy your supplies from and the impact of your business on them

The social costs to your area if this decision means a decline in another rural industry in your area. Eg. Impact on local schools, hospitals, etc

What the uncertainty over the Asian bee and other threats to our industry is doing to your current or future plans

Any concerns you have over the costs of this decision on the value of your business should you wish to leave the industry

The costs you envisage if you have to adopt the hive management practices required to “live with” Asian bees – on top of small hive beetle, etc (eg. Smaller hive entrances)

The human cost (worry, etc) that this issue is causing you.

Remember you can define COST & BENEFIT in more ways than pure dollars and economics. You define them how you wish

Costs to our industry might be that with reduced beekeepers our ability to maintain our very industry structure & network becomes unstable as our members decline

Costs to hobby beekeepers may be that the effort will just not be worth it anymore! They pay the cost in loss of an important pastime.

Just remember that the information becomes public information so please don’t disclose all our financial secrets that you don’t with others to know about., keep it general is best.


You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make a valuable contribution to this inquiry – you just need to be a beekeeper who cares! And I have found that there are many of you out there – keep the fight going and please, please, please make a submission. If anyone wants to but can’t cope with the technical challenges to do so or just needs someone to proof read their letter them please let me know by phone or email and I and our staff will be more than happy to help with this.


We also expect there will be a new “flush” of media activity from this work. We have had quite a lot of the media waiting for new developments so keep an eye on the website as we update the important pieces as they come in.


The first of those this morning is available from the link below:




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Re: Political inquiry into Asian Bee invasion into Australia
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2011, 12:57:47 AM »
Hello Mardak,

You forgot to include an email address or website for where to make submissions and to whom.