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Author Topic: Lifting Safety  (Read 3718 times)

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Re: Lifting Safety
« Reply #20 on: March 10, 2011, 02:30:37 PM »
Guess what!  I work in a warehouse for the largest sporting goods retailers in the country, and they are not used due to the fact they lead to more injuries because uneducated workers think they are supportive and fail to use proper lifting techniques.  You call yourself an engineer?  Perhaps you better go back to school and read up on the latest research.  Before you go spouting off more, let me inform you that I am also a member of our safety committee AND one of our first responders.  I've read the research and treated the injuries.  Most engineers are too busy sitting in their offices dreaming up their next silly project and never come out to the floor to experience the real world.  Before you go claiming a college degree, guess what, I have have two of them.  Big deal.  I know, lets compare language skills, how many do you speak?  I speak four, besides english.  IQ comparisons, mine's 122.  How about shoe size???  Just because YOU think something is correct doesn't make it so.  KEEP UP WITH THE CURRENT RESEARCH IF YOU WISH TO REMAIN CURRENT instead of sitting around thinking of the next assinine comments to come up with.  I am done with this subject!  Time to move on to more important things.

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Re: Lifting Safety
« Reply #22 on: March 10, 2011, 03:32:19 PM »
 If we would get to understand that you would quickly see that the only way to compete against lower labor costs in foreign countries is to automate.  That produces the types of jobs people in this country want requiring more skill and more pay.

Yes, but with fewer people.  I've spent millions in automating and innovating.  This has allowed me to stay profitable and do more with as fewer people.  At a certain point it is less expensive to take the product overseas instead of investing in automation.  Companies are not here to provide jobs.  They are here to make money.  When they stop making money, they close up.  Smell the coffee?

 But instead manufacturers take the easy way out, buy or hire off shore and then cry that there is nothing left here to support this country and the people that live here.  Machinery is too complicated.  

Your voluminous glittering jewels are shinning...

You can't get more production by just beating on people like you do now.

I'm really hoping that was your last bridge.  

Is this like that time you claimed I was "one of them" and poisoning my family?  You know nothing of me nor how my employees are treated.  They wouldn't have stayed and I wouldn't still be in business if I was "beating on people."  

Quote from: Acebird link=topic=31855.msg260545#msg260545  date=1299780409
In my book that is stupid.  The minute you make the decision to go off shore with your manufacturing you have given up.  You just lost control of your operation and eventually you will loose against the competition.  You are on their turf.  Watch and see what happens.

I'm glad you know so much about manufacturing and job creation.  How about putting your money where your mouth is and own and operate your own business?  Put your vast amount of glittering jewels in action and see how long you last.  If you follow what you preach you must be the only American who's never bought anything from overseas.
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Re: Lifting Safety
« Reply #23 on: March 10, 2011, 05:34:26 PM »
A few years ago Wally World had most of their employes wearing them, come to think of it, I haven't seen one being worn by anyone there in quite some time ???

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Re: Lifting Safety
« Reply #24 on: March 10, 2011, 06:23:57 PM »
Yes, but with fewer people.

Fewer manual labor people.  The ones you can't find unless we tear up a country and create refugees.  But that only last so long because they want a good life too and move on.  People resist automation because of thinkers like you.  Automation increases the number of jobs in this country.  Good jobs but it requires intelligent people to make it successful.  Too hard for some people that think throwing money at it is the answer.

At a certain point it is less expensive to take the product overseas instead of investing in automation.

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Re: Lifting Safety
« Reply #25 on: March 10, 2011, 06:42:27 PM »
In case none of you have read rule #2 in the bylaws I will put it here. I made mention of it a couple times but apparently some didn't bother to read it or did not take it seriously
So here it is:
f you don't agree with someone's view, EXPRESS your views rather than tear down theirs. You have the option on EVERY POST to report that post to Moderators, use this to quickly make us aware of a possible problem, we will take it from there.

Be kind to other members, do not put them down, bait them into fighting or do anything to create a fight whether in open forum or private messaging. Trashing another member will surely lead you toward the banishment door quickly. New members are expected to abide by the same rules as seasoned members. We believe that Ignorance of a rule is NO excuse to break it – you are expected to read the bylaws and strictly abide by them.

And I will temporarily lock this post until some have gotten the message.!!