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Author Topic: Anybody out near woodend? what's flowering through the Black forest road?  (Read 1143 times)

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Hi Everybody,

was driving through the Black Forest near woodend the other day and WOW! the eucalypts there have gone nuts! i'm just wondering what type it is? my eucalypt identification skills are a little average at the moment. I'm thinking i might try and get hold of a block somewhere up that way this time next year for the flow

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This time of the year with the rain around. messmate and narrow leaf peppermint I reckon.

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March last year from Kyneton through to Bendigo the trees were just covered in blossom and the commercial beekeeps wre moving their hives in by the truckload.
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Hi Guys

Yeah its messmate, peppermints, stringybark etc.  I was talking to a commercial keeper from Daylesford way and he told me that he was on it at the moment.  Blackforest Road, Ashbourne Road has plenty and I understand there is a lot in the Wombat forest near Trentham.