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Author Topic: Selling My Top Bar Hives...I'm done with 'em.  (Read 2094 times)

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Selling My Top Bar Hives...I'm done with 'em.
« on: February 16, 2011, 06:48:32 PM »
I used them for two seasons and they just don't work for me. I'm selling all but one and using the proceeds to pay for the Lang equipment I ordered to replace them.

I have 8 total. 6 (six) are 48" in length and 2 (two) are 36" in length. All are based on the design of a well known beekeeper in the UK with his own beekeeping forum. All have side hole entrances on the bottom and ventilation holes on top of the same side.

48" hives are all 3/4" pine.
- All with bottom screens for IPM and swing out bottom doors on zinc or brass hinges, hook and eye latches.
- Exteriors have all been treated with linseed oil.
- Roofs are "curvy" PVC sheeting attached to wood frames, hook and loop latches secure to hive body.
- Four have housed bees for two seasons and still maintain the "nest scent".
- Several hive bodies have custom built stands of pressure treated pine that allow the hive body to be removed for easy transport.
Top inside width: 18"
Bottom inside width: 8"
Inside Height": 10"
These dimensions allow for easy conversion from or to Langstroths

36" hives:
Same as above but do not have bottom screens, swing out doors, or stands.
Same as above but inside height is 9"
All ten hives have all necessary top bars and follower boards each. Most of the top bars have been waxed by the bees.

Please PM me or email: stoneridgeapiary@gmail.com for prices and photo