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Author Topic: What's Your Favorite RSS Feeds?  (Read 490 times)

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What's Your Favorite RSS Feeds?
« on: January 19, 2011, 03:51:54 PM »
I have a post I still need to do in Computer Section - but this follows THAT post, but is a good stand alone question. What is your Favorite RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds do you follow and how?

For those who don't use them, RSS is an awesome feature many sites have to update you on any changes whether personal blogs, weather updates, news stories, entrainment, anything really. You subscribe to them and there are many RSS feed readers (although many sites aim you toward Yahoo and/or Google) basically all RSS feeds can be sent to any software (as I do here) I use a program called Calibre, it does many things and is free.

I use it to mainly convert ebooks in different formats for the Kindle which uses MOBI format. But the Calibre program also does a "Create your own publications" feature using RSS feeds, that auto upload to the Kindle.

Now, Calibre offers around 300 magazines and newspapers in English alone, but I'm starting to create my own Kindle Magazine using feeds from many many sites. I give them a topic like Technology News and add RSS from PC Magazine, CNET, Popular Science, Technology Today, and many other sites. Each day a totally personalized ebook is made for me with complete table of contents and indexing that looks and works professional and flawlessly.

I have made 5 topical sections so far: World News, US News, Economy, entertainment and technology. I get 18 newspapers each day too, so they fill in the gap greatly.

I'm wondering if you use RSS feeds, where you read them, what are your favorite and so on. I think making my own publications and having it waiting each morning to read is amazing, it was fun when I first used the RSS feature at Calibre, I added a local (state-wide) newspaper compiling only the stuff that interests me. And from there, I got thinking of the possibilities and went to work looking for RSS feeds at all the sites I visit regularly.

One of my favorite is Epicurious Daily Recipes - they come out with 20 or so daily and that is a good balance with the Washington Post  political Cartoons I get. What a great time we live in, to have the exact news we want, compiled for us in such ways.
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