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Author Topic: I'm still alive!!!  (Read 2778 times)

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Re: I'm still alive!!!
« Reply #20 on: November 23, 2010, 03:32:51 AM »

Jody and I have been going to the PCBA meetings for a couple years now, we just havent been in a few months.  We both completed the Apprentice level last year and started the Journeyman level last Jan.  I'm very familiar with the club's website since I'm the Web Editor for the clubs site.  My pic is on the Officer's page.  lol

I'll be there December.  Will be brining a friend from work too!  Look forward to meeting you! 

Sean Kelly

You have reminded me that by today's beekeeping standards I an still a novice even though I have been beekeeping for over 50 years, have awarded several Beekeeping Merit Badges back in the day, and mentored several others.  I just don't give much import to a piece of paper that says what you have achieved a given level of mastery of beekeeping.  I'm glad you occasionally attend the Pierce County association.  I have a habit of getting ran out of clubs because the entrenched members don't like my  unorthadox ideas.  Thay refuse to believe that a beekeeper can create 16 hives out of 1 in a single season through splits, or that the cluster doesn't move but remains stationary at the top of the brood chamber throughout the winter.

Such as: My younger brother has finally decided to become a beekeeper,a commercial one at that.  I'm teaching him to do a 360 degree beekeeping operation: raising queens, packages, nucs, developed hives, honey production, polination, and equipment manufacture. I showed how to split 1 hive 4 times in a season while producing hives for him and my older brother who also wants to raise queens.  Off course with so much splitting of hives I onlu got a gallon of  honey.

He will be offering only the type of equipment he is using in his bee operation, most of it is either standard 8 & 10 frame deep & medium boxes. The bottoms and tops etc will be be of my design, not your runn of the mill slatted racks, feeding systems, queen castles,  or using pallets with screened bottoms for pollination hives.

I plan to have him increase from 2 hives to 30 by next fall by aggressive splitting and use of 2 modified queen castles to develop nucs.  If I match him we can field 150 hives for polination and still do queen and nuc production/sales starting in 2012.  The target is to have Northern Queens available by early May.

But there are somethings where a piece of paper is important: College Degrees, Drivers Licenses, and Ham Radio Licenses.
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Re: I'm still alive!!!
« Reply #21 on: November 25, 2010, 03:32:40 PM »
Brian, I agree with you.  Anyone who tells you that someone is a "Master" at something I call them a liar.  You could be good, tallented, or knowledgable, but there's always something else to learn somewhere.  I'm doing the program through the club because it's fun, I'm learning as I go, and it gives me direction in this cool hobby.

Sean Kelly
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