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Author Topic: Big Thanks To Jerrymac  (Read 1038 times)

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Big Thanks To Jerrymac
« on: June 04, 2005, 05:03:48 PM »
These pics are for you Jerry.  His bee-vac is awesome and works very well.  The only thing I would change is a longer hose attachment.  I have yet been unable to figure out how to post specific pics, but if you go here


and view the last five pics, you can see what I was dealing with.  Hopefully we got the queen.  I took a frame of brood from another hive and baited a new box for the bees.  

Thanks Jerry.  I will have to go back on a return visit and pick up the remaining bees.  I left a bit of brood comb so the bees will have a central point to return to for easy removal.