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Author Topic: Don't know if ya'll have heard . . . Looks like AHB have entered GA for sure. :(  (Read 10653 times)

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I shall retract the lawbreaker statement as I can not get verification as to the specific regulations regarding relocation of RVS (rabies vector species) in Louisiana. I do have from at least three colleagues of mine from that state that it is illegal to do so. I may be wrong as I can not find the regulations pertaining to NWCO activities in that state other than relocated animals do require the written permission of the landowner upon whose land the animal is released.

I'll shorten your quote....Anything beyond that is exactly what I thought it was. And I think for you to continue on your hateful rant of another person, while not being able to back up your original unsubstantiated claims, is digging a deeper pit. I find your sincerity in regards to Billy and his concern for his brother a bit overblown and disingenuous. I've never heard of another person care so much about what another person does. And somewhere there is an appropriate song that is on the tip of my tongue.  ;)

Earlier, you stated that Billy bashed you and others on his fanline. And I keep asking myself, especially after your acknowledgement and retracting of lawbreaking claims, why is what you are doing any different.

Yes, I agree. Perhaps this ALL needs to end.  ;)
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I think this thread has far outlived its useful purpose.You guys are working your way into an endless spiral that we do I do not like the direction of. As winter sets in,we will all be getting cabin fever in the Northern hemisphere.
And I would suggest all bent on name calling and attacking one another go re read this thread at the very top of page one of the forum:


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