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Author Topic: Spring Cutouts  (Read 868 times)

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Spring Cutouts
« on: September 05, 2010, 02:10:44 AM »
People can be reasonable sometimes.  I have lined up two cutouts for Spring from people who have bees in their homes.  One lady got blown off by three other beekeepers before talking to me.  No one bothered to explain anything to her apparently.  Once I explained WHY it was in her best interest to leave them until Spring, she was relieved and happy to wait.  The points I stressed were - much less honey in Spring so less mess, less bees in Spring, bees would take care of comb and honey (was worried about it melting and running) until Spring, the bees wouldn't survive if moved now, if they happened to be yellow jackets the problem would just go away, and don't spray them, don't spray them, don't let your husband spray them.  One of the reasons I suspect it is not yellow jackets is she said you can be doing things right by them and they just go about their business.

She thanked me for taking the time to explain things to her.  The other guy reacted in a similar fashion.  I know idiots are out there, I have dealt with them myself, but it is nice to know not everyone is that way.

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