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Author Topic: question for JP, Iddee, Kathy, or anyone else with cutout experience.  (Read 959 times)

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Obviously, from my previous posts I have done a few cutouts.  Not too many, but enough to realize that there is a ton I don't know. 

Even though I have done several I am still stumped, nearly every time, on how to start the removal process.  Once the wall, or whatever, is opened the first few combs are always oriented the most difficult way.  (bees are so obstinate and contrary)  For example, between the joists or studs with the comb parallel to them.  Of course, there is always some type of plate, or something up against one if not both ends.   

Maybe this is a simple thing for most, but I always have difficulty getting the first few combs out without major damage.  Not sure if it is my inflexibility or my ignorance.  I just can't seem to get my wrists to bend to get the right angles. 

Kind of a vague question, I guess.  More of a case-by-case answer, I suppose. 

Any tricks, though, to starting the comb removal that might prevent as much damage as I usually cause?

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Sounds pretty normal to me. Sometimes you just have to find a spot and just go for it. The only advice I could give you is cut below the honey if the comb section is laden with honey. Then remove the top portion. It makes it easier to transfer such comb sections and less messy.

Seems like you are doing just fine. Don't freak about saving every last comb section, some are not usable.

Concentrate on being as gentle as you can with the bees and do your best to stress them as little as possible. With care they recover fairly quickly.

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Wait until you get one that decides to build the comb around the Romex leaving a circuit breaker box.  Then you'll know what stumped is :shock:
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Using the flat end of your hive tool, push it up the purling to disconnect the comb at the end. Move about a foot down the comb and cut it with the same motion. Hold that foot long piece of comb and rock it back and forth in the bee space until it breaks loose. Repeat with another foot long piece.
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don't know what to tell you.  i just look at it some and start.  usually from the outside in, but one like yesterday had to be front to back.  sorry i don't have any great insite. Feel The Force....  :evil:
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