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Author Topic: another efb question  (Read 976 times)

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another efb question
« on: June 25, 2010, 03:30:36 PM »
I posted this in the general also.

went into the hive yesterday and it had a sour smell so I have done some research and i am going to go back in a see if this is what I have.  Can and does it spread to other hives?  i was thinking about moving the hive to another location because the darn birds were eating the crap out of them this morning.  This is a new package that swarmed so then I bought a nuc to get it going again so I am realy disapointed as we have a few bucks invested now and I am afraid it's current location is hopeless.

i will try and get some pictures of what we have this weekend.  i don't want to move the hive to my other location, where hives are doing wonderful, if this crap will spread to them.  but I am sick of seeing the birds eat them

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those hot bees will have you steppin and a fetchin like your heads on fire and your @ss is a catchin!!!

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