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Author Topic: First swarm of the season  (Read 625 times)

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First swarm of the season
« on: June 05, 2010, 03:11:24 PM »
 After posting on craiglist for about two weeks, I finally got a call at 6:00 AM from a lady, who told me that there are lots of bees an the ground and in the tree, and that her husband told her that she has to call early, for as the temperature get hotter, the bees will get more agitated. It was about 40 miles from where I live. When I got there I was expecting  to have a big swarm like JP always got, but, instead, there were about 1-2 lbs of bees, on the sidewalk. they look like a large pizza. Why would the bees land on the ground? Anyway, after about one long minute of collecting the bees I was ready to go back home and didn't bother to wait for a few bees still hovering in the air. Since this colony is too small, I thought I could use trap out  method to boost the population. So, there is a tree on the sidewalk in a very decent residential area that has a hive of bees. According to the owner, the bees has been there for about two years. So I set up a trap out just like Robo and Iddee instructed. As I stayed there watching, I saw the swarmed bees tried to protect their new hive by not letting the returned foragers enter, so I poured some sugar at the bees and they start eating and ignoring each other. However, when I returned in the evening, as I was about 3 ft from the hive, one chick gave me a stab right on my ear! I had to run back to the car as another chick tried to kiss me... Today weather will be hotter. I hope the bees won't go crazy and start chasing everyone in the block. I hope that given enough time, the swarmed bees will get used to the scent of the trapout bees? I took some pictures but can't find the cable to download them. Will show you when I do find them.