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Author Topic: ? for those who use the kelley bee vac  (Read 846 times)

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? for those who use the kelley bee vac
« on: June 01, 2010, 11:31:00 AM »
I'm curious if those of you using this particular vacuum(i know jp and bailey use it) have made any improvements/modifications to it.  During a recent cutout I found it a little frustrating at times.

first issue; the pipe that inserts into the screened cage that you attach the hose too isn't really fastened to the box it's just wedged on with some tape wrapped around the pipe to fix it in place.  The first box was fine,but when I went to put the second box in the heat from the sun and the vacs running had softened the adhesive on the tape and instead of wedging in the hole the tape just piled up on the outside.  I'm considering ways to make it a more positively locked connecting with some sort of threaded fitting, but haven't come up with a solution yet.

2nd issue; since this cutout was twenty feet in the air I had to bring the vac up with me and tie it off to a ladder rung.  I have 1" pvc pipe that I use for extensions, but these are only good for sucking up swarms etc... they have zero maneuverability with which to work in and around a nest cavity.  What do you guys use on the end to get some freedom of movement back when working with extensions?
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