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Author Topic: Swarm impulse reversal  (Read 826 times)

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Swarm impulse reversal
« on: May 26, 2010, 03:54:39 AM »
Ok.  I have another colony that was guna swarm.  Found several uncapped swarm cells so I made two nucs from this colony.  One with the queen, one with new mated queen and them left a couple swarm cells in parent colony.  Checked the parent hive Monday and there are two capped swarm cells in it.  Checked the new queen nuc and found no queen cups or cells and the queen is laying.  In the nuc with original queen there were three capped queen cells which I destroyed and it appeared the queen had shut down but it was cloudy and there was no way to see eggs but I did not see larva.  So the big question.  What should I expect?  They have nothing to rear a queen from at the moment as far as I can tell.  Yes I saw the queen.  Is there something else I should do.  I did move this nuc to another location.  Thanks for any insight.  Oh it is six day from making nuc to day of inspection.  I think I missed the queen cells in old queen nuc.  Blah blah...
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