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Author Topic: The Congress is obviously divided on the issue of what to do  (Read 1253 times)

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Because of growing pressure from grassroots activists like you, Congress can no longer ignore the increasing crisis of illegal immigration and constituent concern over it. An important recent spur to Congressional action has been the success of the Minuteman Project and the Government's reaction to it. The Project showed that the borders can be sealed, yet the Government has neither acknowledged this fact, nor taken sufficient action itself to achieve that goal. Nor has it gotten much closer to the goal of preventing aliens from entering the country legally, for example as students or tourists, then remaining even after their visa expires.

The Congress is obviously divided on the issue of what to do about illegal immigration. Some members are certainly going to bring up amnesty and guestworker proposals, including the President's. Many members will staunchly resist. A growing number have made it clear that they will not support anything that can be identified as an amnesty. While this is good news, their number is not yet enough to ensure that all amnesty and guestworker programs can be defeated or that needed action is taken to secure the borders - in the north, in the south, and all along the coasts.

All Representatives need to hear a clear and powerfully expressed message: NO amnesty, NO guestworker program. ONLY enforcement, EFFECTIVE enforcement.

Currently, 14 million Americans cannot find full-time work. The millions of illegal aliens here are part of the cause. They make it more difficult to find work, by competing for available jobs, and they depress wages by increasing the labor supply and by being willing to work for so little and under such poor conditions. In addition to having adverse labor-market impacts, the presence of so many illegal aliens adds to urban sprawl and other problems associated with population growth, especially in the areas where they concentrate.

America's porous borders also pose a major security threat. The same vulnerabilities that allow illegal aliens to readily enter the U.S. to look for work and enjoy the many benefits of life in this country also make it easy for those who wish to enter to do us serious harm.

During the "World Wide Threat" hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Deputy Secretary Admiral James Loy stated, "Several al-Qaeda leaders believe operatives can pay their way into the country through Mexico and also believe illegal entry is more advantageous than legal entry for operational security reasons." The LA Times recently carried a story about an illegal alien, Mahmoud Youssed Kourani, from Lebanon, Mahmoud Youssed Kourani, who was in prison for raising money for Hezbollah, the Islamic militant group. Kourani had paid a Mexican consular official in Beirut $3,000 for a visa to enter Mexico, then crossed the U.S.-Mexican border illegally, and finally settled in Dearborn, Michigan, the center of that state's Arab-American community." Thus, known terrorists are using the Southwest border to enter the U.S. Once inside, they work with little risk to carry out their insidious plans.

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But hey Bush wants a open border
Lets only push anti terrorist stuff that infriges on our rights

Let hear what the Bush supporters have to say about this

Or will it jus be
silence framed by crikets from a open quiet field
"Lurch my good man,…what did you mean when you said just now that 'You've got better things to do than run my petty little errands'…….?"