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Author Topic: Are you really that weird ? What do you do?  (Read 5854 times)

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Re: Are you really that weird ? What do you do?
« Reply #40 on: May 06, 2010, 01:42:48 AM »
Hunt and eat a growing variety of fungi.

Hunt and eat whatever plants I can find in the woods. 

Hunt and eat fuzzy, cute, and sometimes cuddly woodland creatures.

Prefer being/eating outdoors on any day over being inside any day. 

I like to eat, so how is that weird?
Hah! You just described me to a "T." :D

I don't think I'm weird, but a lot of my husband's family does.  :-P We grow, hunt, forage, barter for most of our food.

I think the coolest things on earth are found in nature. For example, hunting morels is seriously fun, and I would rather do that than "go out" any night of the week.

I weave baskets, make our own soap, lip balm, body balm, and use all liberally from all the trashing that my skin takes from being outside constantly, thrashing through blackberry thickets and getting bee stings :)

We raise our own chicken for eggs and meat, turkeys for eggs and meat; grow most of our own veggies and fruit, can/freeze/dry all of it, sell a lot at market.

Our car is 15+ years old and pretty sad looking, but I love that thing! Buy most of our things used and seriously detest shopping. Would MUCH rather spend $ on more vegetable seeds than clothing.

Plus, I think being a female beek is pretty uncommon, at least in my area, but it's awesome to see how many there are on this forum!

I don't think anyone sounds weird--just very, very interesting. "Normal" looks fairly boring to me. :)
The pedigree of honey
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