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Author Topic: i feel like i already know you!  (Read 1714 times)

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i feel like i already know you!
« on: May 01, 2005, 10:09:13 PM »
hi everybody . my name is michael l. burnett and i actually joined the forum last june using the name "brookie" which is my nickname and this year changed to burny( anouther nickname) .after a year of almost daily visits, except when cable was down for a month and i had to use aol (so i quit for a while)....ifeel like i know some of you by reading your posts and answers to posts. pretty cool. almost like listening to a old time radio show where you get pictures in your mind of what people are like.
   i have a good friend ive known since 1st grade named dan lewis who grew up on the farm he owns and trys to operate today, i say try because he's also a contractor with at least three or four jobs going at the same time so hes incredibly busy. any hoo, he's my partner in a couple of ventures with bees,pigs,chickens,veggies and sugaring bein a few.its kind of funny we both had grandfathers who were beekeepers . i started checking into bees, hives, equipment and such  on the internet when i realized my wife pamela was also into checking out bees so we got hooked up with a wonderfull operation in ware, mass. run by a couple named lagrant .we all went down to a beekeeping seminar last may and  brought home two hives with italian nukes (didnt know they had nukes in italy!)
        well to say the least we didnt know a whole lot about bees, twenty something years ago i did get a bachelors degree in biology-chem. with related math.... but a beekeeper? no way! i was (and sometimes still am) petrified of the little buggers. i think it goes back to my childhood and a couple of bad bee moments. once i crunched a good sized yellow jackets nest with my foot on a hot summer day,i didnt get stung to many times but it hurt, and was kind of scary (i was only 7). the other time when iwas 4 just standing by our house with my  hands under the clapboards the biggest hornet ive ever seen left its whole abdomen driven into the end of my finger- OWW!
   dan and pam are at the opposite end of the spectrum with fear of bees. my wife has no fear ,i swear she would do a headstand in the broodbox ( if she could) just to get a closer look,and dan,well he has so many old sports injuries and construction related aches and pains he was all bumbed out because our bees are so mellow that he rarely gets stung. you see , he gets high on bee stings...claims it makes all aches and pains vanish for a few days . dan and pam rarely wear any protection when we work the bees.....amazing! i get all suited up with rubber gloves,bands,etc...what ever floats yer boat. i would like to get rid of the gloves,but visions of hornet butt flood my mind.
    of the two hives we got last year one made the winter and is doing o.k. i think, but will know more after further life cycle examination tommorrow. so far i havent seen any mites. any day now we should be getting notification from lagrants on readiness of four new nukes we ordered last fall.this means we will have a total of five hives...this is getting exciting...we farm the bees looking for the gold. there is much more to the story but my typing is so labored i forget what my thought was before i get to the key.,  to say the least, the bee forum has given answers(in season) to us and many others...thank you and may God bless,

                                             michael l. burnett "brookie"  :wink:  :D

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i feel like i already know you!
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2005, 10:19:08 PM »
Good to have ya.... stick around and keep on posting. :)


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i feel like i already know you!
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2005, 11:26:36 PM »
We are here for you

Hang in there and ask away!
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