Question about mite resistance to apistan

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Look also into IPM (integrated pest management). This is the use of all kinds of natural methods ie. screened bottom boards, drone comb removal, hygenic strains, etc. other than chemicals that can reduce mites in the hive. :D

yea, I'll definetly try to avoid chemicals, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do
I just went and checked on em, and they are definetly coming in with legs loaded with pollen
they are doing what bees do   :D

Michael Bush:
>like everyone I'd rather not use harsh, expensive chemicals especially if they don't even work

Especially when they don't work.  The only way I know of to use nothing is small cell.  The least reactive "chemical" I know of is FGMO fog, but it has to be used regularly because it is a bit of a "gentle" solution.

>oxalic acid seems to be pretty widly used with good results
I'm reading more and expect to give it a try

Oxalic is very effective.

well, now that I have the attention of folks who know what they are talking about  :D
A friend and I took this beekeeping class from the state
we got 2 packages of bee's last weekend
put one at his house, one at mine
of course now I've learned most people would recomend you start with 2 hives
I mean, I sorta have 2 hive, just one of em ain't here
anyway, so I'm thinking what I should do is try to split the hive I have
Is it reasonable to think that if I feed em heavy I'll be able to split em mid summer??
I understand every case is different, I'm just wondering if that's an unreasonable expectation
with only 1 hive I ain't scared of throwing the syrup at em

Thanks for all the great info

You are now going to learn that if you ask 5 beekeepers a question, you will get atleast 6 different answers.

I say, leave them alone and don't go for a split at the end of the summer.  You are better off to see ifthey make it through the winter and then do a split in the spring.   Wintering two small colonies is harder that one large one.

If you want two- side by side,  move one or if you can buy another nuc or package and start #3....  See it's addictive.  

The reason to have two is so that you can compare how the hives are doing relative to each other.  

Now that your queen if freed, let her be for atlteast a week, and then check back to see her or eggs and larve.


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