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Author Topic: Organic Beekeping Farm Available for long renting in Tuscany  (Read 252 times)

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A well established organic beekeeping farm is available for a long rent, the location is close to Arezzo and Florence, just one km from one the most beautiful and preserved Italian National park (http://www.parcoforestecasentinesi.it)

The rent will include:
- independent house 110 square meters
- land with fruit orchard, gardens, natural springs 5 hectares
- complete irrigation systems
- stalls
- all the needed beeking equipment, families, hives, etc
- rotary cultivator with many accessories

Please note that the organic farm is currently up and running with a well established customers, so from the very first year you have a guaranteed profit.

Phone me tel. +39 3453001757

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Re: Organic Beekeping Farm Available for long renting in Tuscany
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Humm... I would have some trouble speaking the language. Sounds cool though...
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