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Author Topic: Imagine a biodiesel refinery that doubles as a job-training  (Read 1165 times)

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Imagine a biodiesel refinery that doubles as a job-training
« on: April 22, 2005, 01:08:38 PM »
Human Kindness Foundation’s exciting new project – please check it out!

Imagine a biodiesel refinery that doubles as a job-training program for ex-cons and other hard-to-employ people trying to rebuild their lives after numerous setbacks. If you are not yet familiar with biodiesel, just look on any search engine. You’ll find hundreds of thousands of sites that mostly say it’s one of the brightest new dawns on the energy horizon. It is diesel fuel made from recycled restaurant grease or vegetable oil. And it is currently fueling thousands of big trucks, fire engines, generators, school buses, ambulances and diesel passenger cars around the world. Biodiesel fuel is not a pie-in-the-sky idea; it is a very real and present, and growing force. The US Dept of Energy calls biodiesel the leading alternative fuel in America.

Biodiesel has ZERO sulfates – the leading cause of acid rain – and makes a tremendous difference in the fight against pollution. HKF has acquired a 10,000 sq. ft factory on five acres of land that is about to become Carolina Biodiesel Inc. and help scores of parolees and others to become more employable. We own the factory free and clear, we have the experts, the pool of job trainees, local governmental support and many other promising possibilities. The only remaining need is about a million dollars to fit out the factory, purchase the equipment, and get up and running.

Instead of competing for scarce grant funds or a shrinking pot of government money, we have set a challenging but simple goal: sell 100,000 copies of Bo Lozoff’s wonderful new CD, Whatever It Takes.

This is where a few minutes of your time could help us tremendously. We’re not asking you for a donation. Of course, we’re happy to accept donations of any amount, but we don’t feel it’s realistic to expect a million dollars extra in donations this year. Instead, we are asking you to listen to the samples of Bo’s songs, and if you like them,

Buy the CD, of course – as many copies as you can; and...
Use your e-mail address book to let other people know about both the CD and this unusual fundraising campaign. If you get at least twenty people to our website to read this same message and try the songs for themselves, imagine how feasible it becomes to sell 100,000 copies. So many truly awful products have flourished on the internet this way, let’s see if together we can promote one really good product for a noble purpose.
If you like, just copy and paste the following paragraph into your e-mail:

“There’s a nonprofit organization I support that has been doing really good work for thirty years. They are trying to raise money for a new project without asking for more donations. Please go to their website (www.humankindness.org) and listen to the samples of the music CD, Whatever It Takes, by Bo Lozoff. It’s really good! If you like it, buy it and do what I am doing – let your e-mail list know about it. If you spend $15 and a little bit of time on some very good music, together we may help them launch their newest project – a biodiesel refinery that will clean up the environment and serve as a job-training program for ex-cons. Browse their website to see that these folks really accomplish what they set out to do. This is truly a win-win opportunity.”

Many organizations such as Working Assets and Co-op America talk about letting your purchases work toward a better world. That’s all we’re hoping you will do in this case. Bo’s songwriting has been described as masterful and deeply inspiring by so many people, we are confident that you and your friends will be glad you bought the CD even if no higher purpose were served. But in this case it is. We hope you feel moved to expend a little energy in this direction. We’d love for you to send us a copy of whatever message you send to your friends and relatives. Send it to music@humankindness.org. We’ll keep you posted through this website as our campaign picks up steam from your efforts.

Read two great cover stories about the project
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