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Author Topic: backward compatability  (Read 1231 times)

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backward compatability
« on: December 19, 2009, 12:56:34 AM »
    I have been considering more modern motherboards, and most don't claim compatability with anything prior to XP.  Although I have XP  on my newer puter I understand that I would have to pay over $100 for a copy of XP, or any of the newer ones.  I do have free access to ME, and although I realize that ME is a joke to most experts, it runs my old Astrology and Astronomy programs just fine.

     Question: #1, can I copy or otherwise get for free "XP"?

     Question #2, is it necessary or advisable to pay the extra fees for "tested" components which some suppliers offer?

     Question #3, Will ME likely work with a motherboard/cpu combination which only goes back to "XP" in the specs?

     thanks in advance

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Re: backward compatability
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2009, 03:01:52 PM »

  The big problem is not Microsoft' OS, but the drivers available for it. Since the MB's that you are talking about are new, then the manufacture probably will not supply drivers (Motherboard, video, serial, USB, video etc) for the older operating systems, hence they say XP and up. Chances are, your 'ME' might not work anyway. Fact of life... I know... I run WIn2000 on several boxes and I have some apps that will not run on them.

   I just had to buy a video card for an old  computer since Win7 required more video muscle than my motherboard was able to offer. Those things happen...

   But don't let that stop you, if you do get that MB, I can supply you with XP (legally sealed, SP1).