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Author Topic: "I" am an expert on climate change, y`all know nothing and I will tell you why!  (Read 1696 times)

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I will take a fair bit of poetic license to cut to the chase.

Our very popular Socialist Federal Government, after 13 or something years of a rabid Capitlist Government, thinks its our duty to lead the world in every way possible.

I love this when it comes to inventions, medicine, sports, health, education etc. but when it comes down to 22 million people wanting to play in the big league, who pays. wheres the cash coming from?

Im all for us being involved in every War the US has fought in since the Boxer Rebellion. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, the two World Wars and all the others cost us a lot because we only became a nation in 1901. Its money well spent and before Iraq, believe it or not, we had only ONE serving member of the Aussie Armed Forces whao had combat experience. An old Warrant Officer who was in Vietnam. So we need to be in conflicts in order to get experience, not just for political and social reasons.

However now we want to not only take part, but lead the entire world in Climate Change. Forget Al Gore, hes just a smart businessman, get on board with our Socialist Government.

Not only will the average house hold be paying 5 times more for water, gas and electricity in 10 years time, we now are going to commit to some World leading rate of black balloons or something that will see us lead the world in world saving-ness! Our 22 million people who combined produce less green house gasses than a Chinese Wok shop are going to save the planet.

I just hope you realise our sacrifice. 22 million poor lil Aussies are going to save the planet and lead by example. I can hear the Ruskies and the Chows and the Curries pissing themselves laughing now.

Today they cut into the TV after the news, like they do when there is an Earthquake. It was the leader of the Capitalist Oppo announcing that he HAD to agree to the Governments stand on climate change, rah rah we have to do it, for our childrens children. Gawd it made me sick. Now both parties agree they are going to make us pay, hell or high water to reduce our carbon emissions to a world leading standard.

22 million people and businesses forced to pay a ransom so the Government or only possible alternative can say that we lead the world on Climate Change.

Australia is a test market for everything from hamburgers, TVs, cars to Cults. Now the world is going to be looking to us as a test case on Climate Change. I really fear that whatever happens here will happen to you ten years later. A role reversal for a change, but not a good one.

So Friends, the sooner you can become self sufficient the better off you will be.

"Oh yes that was the Brown Tunrkley plant, it employed 400 people. The Government said they had to spend 5 million in three years to bring it up to the new standard, so it closed".

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And yet, according to this article:

Climategate: five Aussie MPs lead the way by resigning in disgust over carbon tax

By James Delingpole Politics Last updated: November 26th, 2009

Australia is leading the revolt against Al Gore’s great big AGW conspiracy – just as the Aussie geologist and AGW sceptic Professor Ian Plimer predicted it would.

ABC news reports that five frontbenchers from Australia’s opposition Liberal party have resigned their portfolios rather than follow their leader Malcolm Turnbull in voting with Kevin Rudd’s Government on a new Emissions Trading Scheme

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Ah that article is a bit lame. All 5 opposition members quitting the party at the time of the vote, if they actually do, and they will rejoin after the vote btw, is name themselves as the core of a group that will challenge the leader of the opposition when there is a spill. Its a hoot, the capitalist rail roaders have been in breakdown since lil Johnny Howard was flung out by the Australian people.

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 Best of luck.
 Our Prez has made notice that he will agree to cutting emmisions to half of the 2005 levels by 2040. In as much as most of our industry is gone, that leaves power plants and autos to get the cuts.
  It's easy to get the city dwellers on buses and trains, but how do you plow a field or haul lumber in one of those powered rollerskates they are pushing?
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       A day to West Melbourne from Morwell Mick took 3 1/4 hours each way on Thursday. On the Monash parking lot while we were at a standstill I was flat out seeing a veichle with more than one person in it.and to top it off so many of them were government cars probably on their way to some junket in the city.
       How many billions were spent on the so called fast trains that people are not given any real incentive to use?
        Even the fans in the Burnley tunnel were not coping with  smoke and fumes as we crawled along at about 40 clicks.
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The doomsayers are fraying away from GLOBAL WARMING completely in the news it seems - too many people saying this was the coldest or mildest Winters and Summers on record in their area, so CLIMATE CHANGE is the new catch phrase and it covers their rears no matter what the weather does.

I have said before it is likely long time cyclical (and taking deep ice samples in the Poles means nothing to me) it is just time to cycle trough strange swinging weather patterns and we just happen to be here for it.

What scares me more is solar sunspot activity which should have increased greatly over the last three years, coming out of its low activity back toward its high during its 11 year cycle - but we are having extremely low sunspots: should be seeing hundreds and hundreds a day with large solar radiation discharged and we are seeing flares that are fewer than the weakest of lows.

This worries me because our atmosphere is charged by solar radiation, allowing communication and very likely playing a great part in weather conditions. If the Earth functions well with a fairly stable cycle (where each cycle numbers are similar throughout, then a great period of low activity surely causes a blip on our planets solar needs - something will change.

So, the catch phrase "Climate Changes" is a weak and watered down version of Global Warming and we just need to adapt as things on Earth adapt to what surely comes around and around since our Earth's and Solar Systems development.

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