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Re: Amazing New Smoker2
« on: November 11, 2009, 07:39:52 AM »
Good Day, We are the inventors and manufacturer of the Bee-Z-Smoker "Cool Bee Smoke, Without The Choke". Yes, the Bee-Z-Smoker will smolder wood pellets (not burn). There is no fire (sorry pyro's). You can touch the can after using it, so yes, the smoke is cool. The device is very light and balanced. In fact, our 9 year-old son really enjoys helping out and using the smoker. A couple cups of wood pellets will last for several days and the wood shavings last for a day or two. The pellets take a little longer to smolder and build smoke, at about 30 seconds, where as the wood shavings take about 5 seconds to get a good head of smoke going. The fuel to use really depends on whether you have under 25 hives (use the wood shavings) or several hundred hives (use the wood pellets). Testing has shown about 400 hives can be smoked on a single battery charge and the charge will last for several weeks. So, if you forget to charge it from your last outing, you should be fine. And, if you need a charge, just wait an hour. I am sure if you have smoked 400 hives, you probably have an hour of work to do anyway... We will have our Website unlocked shortly and we hope to personally answer all your questions and let you demo the Bee-Z-Smoker at the trade show in Florida. Thanks Dan and Edith Stearns, info@stingerinnovations.com