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Author Topic: The Pastor and his congregation  (Read 1672 times)

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The Pastor and his congregation
« on: April 18, 2005, 01:01:10 PM »
I don't know your experience with church services but once there was this pastor who  had a mystical experience with  his congregation.  All he had to do  was say one word, just one word and the congregation knew what song to turn to in the hymnal and begin singing...

He was so proud of this.

As the congregation would sing, he would shout out a word, "Rock" and the congregation would turn to the hymnal , stand up and sing "Rock of Ages, cleft for me. Let me hide myself in thee..."

He would shout out the word "Cross" and the congregation would stand and  turn in the hymnals and sing, "To The Old Rugged Cross, I would ever be true, the emblem of suffering and pain..."

He would shout out another word "Story" and the congregation would  stand and sing " Tell me the old old story, Of unseen things above, Of Jesus and His glory, of Jesus and His Love..."

One day the Pastor felt the need to really reaffirm this magical experience and he gave the congregation a hard word...He shouted out "Sex!"

And the congregation was mystified. They look at each other, and some murmmering was heard. Suddenly, a little old lady in the back of the church stood up and began to sing....

" Precious moments, how we love them..."